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Whats New

Changes in TUCL XP Beta 2
- Updated TUCL Updater to work with NEW SERVER GET FAST OR IT WONT WORK!!
- Fixed Problems with TUCL not having the right directories for the cheats.
- Fixed Problems with clean install and creating CheatLibs directory correctly with installer
- Fixed Problems with saving settings in Options.
- Fixed ICON in start menu being incorrect
- Fixed TUCL asking if you want to DOWNLOAD cheats after you already have.
- Fixed Problem with TUCL Having INSTALLED Cheats when you first install it.
- Fixed TUCL Music Player coming with songs that don't exist.
- Improved and Fixed Chat Settings, and Handling of Chat.

Known Problems (Chat)
- Problems Registering Nick Names(Future Fix)

Known Problems(Windows 98/95 Only)
- Clicking yes to Delete on updater can sometimes crash your computer.
- TUCL Music Player can sometimes crash win 98.
- TUCL Updater may say script error when starting in windows 98, just click yes.

Changes in TUCL XP Beta 1
* Finished up tons of features in chat which include:
-Added private messaging support
-Finished almost all IRC Parsing, no spam from server and etc.
No confusing messages.
-Fixed some bugs with name changing.
-Added ability to register nick names or connect anoymously.
-New official IRC Server dedicated to cheating all things,
* Changed name to TUCL XP!
* Fixed the register section to a donation section.

Changes in TUCL 2000 Beta 6
* Many changes minor to chat features.
* Many changes fixes to create a web site feature
* Many changes fixed to various install problems
* Full compatibility with Windows XP.

Changes in TUCL 2000 Beta 5b
* Fixed SSListbar.ocx error, whoops.

Changes in TUCL 2000 Beta 5a
The Ultimate Cheat List Main Program
* Fixed cracks, trainers, patches download links.
* Fixed chat from crashing if something did not connect right.
* Fixed bugs with ICQ and other related programs. (Hopefully)
* Fixed out of memory '7' errors. (Hopefully)
* TUCL On its own server, changed were needed to TUCL Updater, hopefully
never needed again.

Changes in TUCL 2000 Beta 5
The Ultimate Cheat List Main Program
* Removed skinning which caused resource problems to much ram.
* Removed shapping of the splash screen which also took up resources.
* Reprogrammed INI support to not need an INI file also to free up resources.
* Made cool buttons not cool to free u ram also.
* Removed status bars and placed info in title bar.
* Removed Active Threed OCX controls with self created ones.
* Removed Hlink OCX control and replace with self working one.
* Fixed up the resize code a bit.
* Mixed up colors a bit to make everything more matching.
* Added icons to some of the things.
TUCL Updater
* Changed INI support, no longer need ocx file.
* Small bug fixes.
Old Ram Required: 12,652 New Ram Required: 7,256
Old Ram Everything Open:28,060 New Ram Everything Open: 14,364

Changes in TUCL 2000 Beta 4
* Fixed bug where chat would error for many systems. Works for everyone now.
* Fixed bug where your name would not be shown correctly in chat first time.
* Fixed bug in updater removing items for download even if items did not get downloaded.
* Removed Download all files in Cheat Updater until further update.
* Fixed other bugs in the updater. Improved error handling.
* Fixed a few buttons for the item bar on the left.
* Fixed bug with getting error when adding review without system selected.
* Made it so when you have no cheats, cheat files and databases wont load until you get some.
* Sped up loading time.
* Added the ability to resize the cheat files.
* Fixed bug which always showed you whats going on in cheat files and allowing you to screw up.
* Fixed updater bug which caused you to see whats going on which makes it look long waiting.
* Fixed Problems with mini browser crashing some systems.

Known Bugs
* In the database section for some reason on Win98 sometimes all the text turns blue and underlined.
* Fix for it. Disable Auto URL detection in the options.

Still Needed
* An updated Help File? Maybe :)
* A bit more error handling.


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