The Ultimate Cheat List!

The list of features in TUCL can go on forever so lets get started.

Cheat Files & Cheat Databases
TUCL includes support for a files database type silection with thousands of files mostly older games which are cheat codes per file. This method makes it easy to access older cheat codes. We hope to move all the cheat files to Cheat Databases in the long run. Cheat Databases use access database to store cheat codes in which you can have strategies / tips / cheats / and files. Also, any url's found in a cheat code will automatically be turned into links making your life easier. The tabs have stars put on them telling you if anything exists in that tab.

Chat Room
TUCL includes a built in chat room in which you can talk cheats, hang out with the nice community which surrounds it and learn a ton of things from other members.

Game Reviews / Game Company's
TUCL has a big collection of game reviews and game company's which you can use and get info from all your favourite company's and find what kind of old or new games are good.

Game Files
This area is where you find info for various files. These include patches, trainers, hacks, and many other things. They give you direct links to dowloads on the internet.

Complete File Updater / Cheat Downloader
This program part of TUCL has a complete set of tools letting you select what cheats you wish to download for what systems. Also a start base for your latest TUCL news / downloads / contests and any other neat things.

TUCL Music Player
This program which was originally just a basic midi player like most other cheat programs have. This has become much cooler then expected. With the easyness of Winamp and drag and drop support and everything else you expect in an mp3 player. This music player can play your waves and play your midi's and heck play your mp3's. Its awesome. You can play everything from a tray icon as well. No need to have the window even open.

Complete Custom Modifications
With modifications to simple text files / databases / ini files you can completely change the look feel and content of TUCL. TUCL grabs information from these files directly enabling you to change them as you please. To show an example I have added a new database category here is what happens:

Other things you can change include download site locations / chat locations / others.

Complete Tools for adding / editing your own cheats
All functions are built into TUCL for creating / editing / adding your own cheat content.

Built in tools for adding your own reviews and game company's
With TUCL you can add your own game reviews and game company's into TUCL and help everyone else contribute as well. With this info you can help with old games and new games. Then submit it to the TUCL team which can later be implemented into TUCL and released to the public.

Create an ENTIRE website from a single cheat database.
With TUCL you can press a simple button and then watch TUCL create you your own cheat website all from a simple command. You can customize the layout of the pages in the options section.

The files

The index page created.

The cheat page created for each item.

The customization options for saving the cheats.


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