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Working On Final Release Other Stuff - 8 / 27 / 01
I am finally working on what could be the last release, my objective is to clean up the cheats and work on making it more solid, no more memory 7 errors. I will of course need beta testers which get this out of memory 7 error. Anyways, I am also working on creating a TUCL on CD. TUCL has over 300mb of cheats, of course compressed its only around 100 but that is not the point. It is a lot of downloading and its a hassle for everyone to download each one. I am going to create a CD version of TUCL which you can order and will run off the cd with all the cheats included. You may have to pay a few bucks, but its the best alternative I can think of :) Meanwhile I updated the mirrors list for downloads and their is a bug with our new chat server and TUCL at the moment, it is being worked on.

- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

New Website Feature, Fixed Updater Problems!- 6 / 24 / 01

Added a new category on the right called Cheat Downloads, those are the files and databases that you use with TUCL, if you have problems downloading with the TUCL Updater then you can go over there and use those instead.

- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

Over 16,000 MORE CHEATS JUST ADDED - 6 / 23 / 01

I have just finished adding over 16,000 more cheats to the cheat databases portion. I recommend getting all the cheat databases over again because I added TONS. Not only that, but I added 2 new categories with cheats in them as well titled "Commodore Amiga, and Sega Game Gear" which contain QUITE a large sum of cheats also. Please wait a bit before downloading from the server so download from the first two for starters. The file sizes are off a bit because I do not have time to update them at the moment.

You need to make sure and download the File Library Update as well for it contains necessary updates for patches as well as your new systems supported.

- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

The Ultimate Cheat List 2000 Beta 5 Released!!- 6 / 23 / 01

This LATEST and GREAT incarnation brings cheating to the MAX once again. This latest version focuses mainly on OS compatibility issues, memory hogging and bloatness. Here is whats new:

Changes in TUCL 2000 Beta 5
The Ultimate Cheat List Main Program
* Removed skinning which caused resource problems to much ram.
* Removed shapping of the splash screen which also took up resources.
* Reprogrammed INI support to not need an INI file also to free up resources.
* Made cool buttons not cool to free u ram also.
* Removed status bars and placed info in title bar.
* Removed Active Threed OCX controls with self created ones.
* Removed Hlink OCX control and replace with self working one.
* Fixed up the resize code a bit.
* Mixed up colors a bit to make everything more matching.
* Added icons to some of the things.
TUCL Updater
* Changed INI support, no longer need ocx file.
* Small bug fixes.
Old Ram Required: 12,652 New Ram Required: 7,256
Old Ram Everything Open:28,060 New Ram Everything Open: 14,364

Download it on the right side under downloads :)

- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

Updated TUCL Updater AGAIN! !- 6 / 07 / 01

I swear all the hosting sites are gay, a new updater has been released beause another site that the stuff was hosted on has been taken down again. This time they are on one of my sites dcemu. Hopefully this one wont go down.

- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

Updated TUCL Updater !- 5 / 01 / 01

Since HyperMart Deleted the site that TUCL grabbed all its settings from. I had it there so that incase I move sites for TUCL and stuff I could easily grab the settings there if necessary. Leave it be HyperMart deleted it now no ones TUCL Updater will work unless you grab this update.

- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

TUCL 2000 Beta 4 Released - 4 / 17 / 01

Well, we can forget those quick fixes. With the help of bassman and other people who have reported bugs via the link on the bottom right. I have manager to fix almost all of the bugs. I am trying to figure source forge out and so im trying to get nice and organized before I release the source code. I also added a few new features.
Here is whats new:

Changes in TUCL 2000 Beta 4
* Fixed bug where chat would error for many systems. Works for everyone now.
* Fixed bug where your name would not be shown correctly in chat first time.
* Fixed bug in updater removing items for download even if items did not get downloaded.
* Removed Download all files in Cheat Updater until further update.
* Fixed other bugs in the updater. Improved error handling.
* Fixed a few buttons for the item bar on the left.
* Fixed bug with getting error when adding review without system selected.
* Made it so when you have no cheats, cheat files and databases wont load until you get some.
* Sped up loading time.
* Added the ability to resize the cheat files.
* Fixed bug which always showed you whats going on in cheat files and allowing you to screw up.
* Fixed updater bug which caused you to see whats going on which makes it look long waiting.
* Fixed Problems with mini browser crashing some systems.

- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

New TUCL Quick Fixes! - 4 / 17 / 01
I have created a few last minute updates which include a bug fix to the chat program. It now no longer should give you errors. Please download it and test it. I also fixed a bug in the updater manually. You do not need to download anything for that. One last thing fixed in the chat is the user name shows coorrectly the first time you start it :) You can download it through TUCL Updater under updates.

- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

New TUCL Site Launched! - 4 / 16 / 01
Welcome to the brand new TUCL site. This site is dedicated to the progress of TUCL (The Ultimate Cheat List!) its source code and other various things. This program is going to be changed by users in order to become the ultimate program to get and share your favorite cheat codes. With this new site comes the open source features of it as well as many other things. I am trying to setup the things needed to help it work nicely as an open source project. So please be patient as some things may or may not work.

- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

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