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TUCL Website Back Up - After being down for several months the site is back up - March 10th 2009

After looking at web stats, I noticed there was a lot of domand for TUCL. I have since brought it back due to popular demand. The program should also again be fully functional. Let me know if you have any problems.


TUCL XP Beta 2A OUT GET IT NOW + GameCube and XBOX Cheats!! - 09 / 02 / 03

Over 300 Cheats ADDED TO TUCL!! Brand New Cheats for GAMECUBE AND XBOX!!!! Thanks to KENICHI!!! Must get the latest version to USE THE LATEST CHEATS!! You can also get the latest update for TUCL VIA The TUCL Updater.

You can download them from the TUCL Updater as usual. A new version of TUCL is also released with the following Fixes:

-Fixed problems with TUCL having problems with Newer RAR files, updated unrar.dll.
-Fixed problems with changing the defeault directory for downloads, was always chosing its own.
-Fixed cheat updater going nutso after downloading a cheat code database.

Known Problems(Windows 98/95 Only)
- Clicking yes to Delete on updater can sometimes crash your computer.
- TUCL Music Player can sometimes crash win 98.
- TUCL Updater may say script error when starting in windows 98, just click yes.


Download TUCL XP Beta 2a UPDATE ONLY! Only Updates Software, Does NOT Update System files.

TUCL XP Beta 2 OUT GET IT NOW- 08 /11 / 03

New SERVER New Version of TUCL! This latest version Fixes the bug listed below which were more of annoyances then anything. Here is a list of updates! YOU MUST UPDATE NOW OR YOU CAN'T DOWNLOAD CHEATS. Not to be mean or anything but its true.

- Updated TUCL Updater to work with NEW SERVER GET FAST OR IT WONT WORK!!
- Fixed Problems with TUCL not having the right directories for the cheats.
- Fixed Problems with clean install and creating CheatLibs directory correctly with installer
- Fixed Problems with saving settings in Options.
- Fixed ICON in start menu being incorrect
- Fixed TUCL asking if you want to DOWNLOAD cheats after you already have.
- Fixed Problem with TUCL Having INSTALLED Cheats when you first install it.
- Fixed TUCL Music Player coming with songs that don't exist.
- Improved and Fixed Chat Settings, and Handling of Chat.

Known Problems (Chat)
- Problems Registering Nick Names(Future Fix)

Known Problems(Windows 98/95 Only)
- Clicking yes to Delete on updater can sometimes crash your computer.
- TUCL Music Player can sometimes crash win 98.
- TUCL Updater may say script error when starting in windows 98, just click yes.


Download TUCL XP Beta 2 UPDATE ONLY! Only Updates Software, Does Update System files.

Note: Source code and stuff is currently down, I hope to get that back up shortly, as well as the other features where you could download the cheats manually and stuff. FAQ is also download, hope to get that back up shortly.

New Server Move - 08 /11 / 03

Well since sourceforge decided to delete my account as well as deleted my account about the same time which is strange. I had to find a new server, this means I also have to re-code TUCL. So I will be recoding it for XP Beta 2 which will also fix the last known bugs you see in the last post.

Long time no Update- 07 /17 / 03

I decided to go ahead and install a few copies of TUCL at my work and found a few bugs, since I started CODING TUCL in VIsual chaos ensued, so im going back to visual studio 6, I enjoy it a lot more. Here are some bugs I have found and im going to work on, even if I never update ever again I would like to get these bugs fixed:

- Problems with pressing ok in options.
- Problems registering IRC using REGISTER option built in, incorrect commands, few other bugs as well..
- Problems with clean install and creating CheatLibs directory correctly with installer
- Icon in start menu is not properly creating.
- Fix TUCL Updater starting it first not letting when starting TUCL Regular Cheat files etc from showing up.
- TUCL Updater says script error when starting in windows 98.
- Clicking yes to Delete on windows 98 in updater is crashing computer.
- TUCL Music Player can sometimes crash win 98.
- Cheat files shown as downloaded when not really downloaded.

TUCL XP Beta 1 Released - 03 / 04 / 02
Finally a NEW RELEASE! What comes in this new release might you ask? well here is what it comes with:
Changes in TUCL XP Beta 1
* Finished up tons of features in chat which include:
-Added private messaging support
-Finished almost all IRC Parsing, no spam from server and etc. No confusing messages.
-Fixed some bugs with name changing.
-Added ability to register nick names or connect anoymously.
-New official IRC Server dedicated to cheating all things,
* Changed name to TUCL XP!
* Fixed the register section to a donation section.
Download It! On or Download On Source Forge!

New Download Servers! Fixes - 01 / 24 / 02
Sorry I have not updated lately, I have been working on my other sites and such. I haven't had time to work on TUCL and school and all this other stuff, but I got 2 servers for it now. Finally Updated, TUCL Official Server Fixed- 10/ 15 / 01 finally posted the latest and greatest version of TUCL, after having like TUCL 0.50 for like years, which is gay compared to the release currently out. Please make sure and give it a review at this place.

I recommend this only for people who have gotten it to work, for those of you who have not gotten it to work or still have bugs, please submit your bugs via the links on the right, I want to try and get the source code together for a release soon, for the latest version of TUCL.

Oh ya, and the official TUCL server appears to be back up, it had some kind of thing on it, which did not let me link to the files from outside. It appears to work now. DCEMU server appears to be having a problem still though.
- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

'SSLstBar.ocx' bug fixed, yay!!- 9 / 25 / 01
I really fixed this earlier but did not post it, I had fixed it just after I released it, I made a mistake, whoops, dunno how I lost that file, strange.

- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

MSComCTL bug fixed, 3do bug fixed, CD Editing finally starting - 9 / 10/ 01
I fixed the bug in the latest download of TUCL, the bug cause an error when starting TUCL and is now fixed, another bug when download the 3do cheat files from a certain server made you download some 15mb file which was really strategies, unfortunately, you have to manually delete your 3do directory in your TUCL cheat files directory to clean the mess up. The latest version fixes those bugs :)

Looking for mirrors, we are currently looking for a place, host's who would not mind hosting 30mb for a TUCL mirror, this gives people faster downloads from the TUCL Updater and even the main TUCL download, it probably wont ever get bigger then 30 mb.

- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

New FAQ system, Mailing List!- 9 / 3 / 01
I finally put up an FAQ system for everyone having problems, the latest version of TUCL no longer has install problems so we no longer need an install FAQ. I have setup a NEW mailing list for all our TUCL users. You can get the mailing list here.

- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

Quick changes to the updater!- 8 / 29 / 01
I have made changes to the updater, I have moved TUCL the entire site and everything to sourceforge, this so hopefully we will never have to change the download location and stuff ever again. But you will need to update your updater. Download this file below and extract it to your "TUCLUpdater" folder inside your TUCL directory.


- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

New Updates Availible- 8 / 28 / 01
I have made a quick update to TUCL which fixes the following things:
Changes in TUCL 2000 Beta 5a:
 The Ultimate Cheat List Main Program
 * Fixed cracks, trainers, patches download links.
 * Fixed chat from crashing if something did not connect right.
 * Fixed bugs with ICQ and other related programs. (Hopefully)
 * Fixed out of memory '7' errors. (Hopefully)

You can pick it up in the Updates section of TUCL which will automatically update TUCL for you once you download it, Make sure TUCL is closed before downloading the update. I also updated the File Library for your pleasure :)

- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

HyperMart Deleted TUCL???- 4 / 25 / 01

Well, hypermart which I grabbed all my settings from for TUCL and all my sites. Has decided to delete me for some odd reason. Therefore, TUCL is not even working the updater anyways.. I have to release a new version of the updater which fixed urls on a stable server which wont delete me. It is not like I had a ton of files stored on the server. God.

- 007Cheater aka Sean Bryant

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